Side by side LG IPS226V vs. Samsung P2270HD

Side by side LG IPS226V-PN vs Samsung P2270HD. The brightness was set from 0 – 50 – 100.       © prasanu Reproducing the content of this blog, completely or partly, in original or modified, as well as its storage in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form and by any means are forbidden without the written permission of the owner. Using the content of this blog with explanatory or justifying title, in articles, studies, forum discussions is allowed only clearly and precisely indicating the source. Continuă să citești Side by side LG IPS226V vs. Samsung P2270HD


LG IPS226V-PN The IPS226V is a new display from a new line of monitors from one of the world leaders in monitor manufacturers LG Electronics. This model combines an IPS panel with LED Backlighting. THE GENERAL PRESENTATION LG’s new line of monitors comprises 4 models: LG IPS2062T (20 inch), IPS226V-PN (21.5 inch), IPS236V-PN (23 inch) and IPS231P (23 inch). The first 3 models are consumer models (or normal user oriented – a user that likes a quality display and would like to enjoy good viewing angles and great colors), the last being a professional display (it is a display oriented … Continuă să citești LG IPS226V-PN