Leo’s Fortune – incredibil game, nice gameplay

These days I was looking in the Google Play Store, for something new and fun….just to spend a few minutes to relax and discoverd a new game: Leo’s Fortune. Leo’s Fortune, is a beautiful platform adventure game.
Here is the official trailer of the game!

The game was produced by a small independent studio 1337 & Senri LLC. 1337 & Senri was founded by Johan Knutzen, Shahrouz Zolfaghari and Anders Hejdenberg. They are best known for creating Devil’s Attorney and Dark Nebula 1 & 2.

The game is the story of Leopold whose gold was stollen by an unknown thief and you mission is to retrieve the gold on a platformer based game.

The game was first released on IOS – Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch and it is available for purchase in the Appstore, for 4.99 $.

Now it is available on Google Play, and decided to play the game on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Android 4.4.2).

The graphics of the game are amazing and the gameplay very smooth. Played the first two levels and haven’t found anything bad to say about this game. It’s just amazing!
Here is some gameplay on the Galaxy Note 2 of the first 2 levels.

The game has very nice tutorial in the first level and can be skiped if you wish so.

One good thing about the game is the resume play if you die. It will not send you from the beginning but almoust to the point of where you died. The game has 5 acts and each has a number of levels. Some levels can be accessed only if you gather a certain number of stars. At the end of each level you will receive a certain number of stars depending on the number of gold gathered, number of deaths and the time in which you complete the level. In total the game has 24 unique levels (beautifully handcrafted).

My recomandation try it, if you like plaformer games and enjoy!


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